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WORLDCOIN FREE is financial, digital freedom.

Since there have been people in this world, trade among one another has existed.
Our way of paying for goods and services has changed over the millennia.
Nowadays, a large proportion of payment transactions are processed without cash, such as bank transfers, direct debits, credit cards (introduced in 1950) or online banking (introduced in 1995).

With the development of the credit card, cash is becoming less and less important (especially in America).

Banks monitor and control the payment system, whereby the payment system is becoming more and more expensive and complex.
For many years, financial experts have been wondering whether there is a better way?
In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto (this is his pseudonym) asked this question and came to the conclusion that there are a better means of payment in the digital world.
He called this means of payment cryptocurrency.
A short time later, in 2008, BitCoin, the first cryptocurrency, was launched on an internet platform.

A cryptocurrency or crypto money is, therefore, a digital form of payment.

What is a cryptic currency?
Cryptography is the science of encrypting information.
The cryptocurrencies BitCoin, Ethereum and e.g. WORLDCOIN FREE differ from the physical money of central banks in that they are virtual.
The cryptic currency is the money of the future.
The digital currency is clearly the future of online payments and one of the hottest financial topics this year.
Digital means of payment are not issued by private banks, central banks, governments, institutions, or authorities, but by large communities, by people.
It is a real revolution.
People are losing confidence in governments and banks and are starting to produce their own money.
This is real democratization of money!

There are currently more than 17 000 cryptocurrencies.
To secure the purchasing power of your money, you only had to put your $ 100 bill in the locker.
It no longer works today.
The high government debt, as well as the bond purchases and money supply expansion of the central banks, are to blame.
People have simply lost confidence in the value of money.
They look for alternatives and find them in gold, silver, diamonds, real estate - and crypto coins.
Bitcoin is currently one step ahead of cryptocurrencies. It has risen brilliantly against all fiat currencies.
But it is a coin for millionaires and will never be accessible to the mass of people simply because they cannot afford it.
The WORLDCOIN FREE stands for the equality of all people and is a free, global coin project. The WORLDCOIN FREE is not sold at the beginning but given away. Every person in this world is entitled to 1000 WORLDCOIN FREE which can already be secured today.
After completion of the blockchain and the wallet, you get your coins booked in your wallet.

We have already reserved 1000 WORLDCOIN FREE on your email address!

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