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How do I check if my 1000 free WORLDCOIN FREE have already been reserved?

Click on the red ">>> CHECK HERE <<<" button on the "HOME" page at the bottom right. Then click on the button "Register with the email address. Then enter your email address and a password and click on" Register ".
Now our system checks whether your email address is already stored.
If your email address is already stored, our system shows the message "This email address is already in use." BRAVO you do not need to do anything else!
If your email address has not yet been stored, this will be registered and we will keep you up to date on the project progress.

Can I create multiple email addresses?

You can create a maximum of 2 different e-mail addresses per person. You can also create your children or partners and have them checked whether the address is already stored in our system.

Is there a referral link or a bonus system?

Everyone is entitled to 1000 WORLDCOIN FREE by 2030 and can access this free of charge on our website. Draw attention to this unique opportunity in your environment and on social media. In addition, we will introduce an affiliate bonus system over 3 levels with a referral link in June 2022. You will find more information here shortly.

Can I work on the WORLDCOIN FREE project?

Yes, yes, there are fixed coin quotas (airdrops) available per year. If you are interested in working in our team (from your location and home business), we look forward to your application. Just get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

When is the blockchain for WORLDCOIN FREE finished?

Our development team is currently working on creating and adapting the blockchain for WORLDCOIN FREE. The blockchain will be completed in the 3nd quarter of 2022

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