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In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto, with his idea of ​​democratizing money and giving people power over their money again, initiated the beginning of a financial revolution that continues to this day. Blockchain technology is the magic word that enables everyone, without banks and institutions, to send digital currencies in seconds, at the lowest fees, anonymously, to the world. Our existing financial system is on the verge of collapse and will not survive the next 20 years. The big losers again, if they don't prepare, could be billions of ordinary people. We believe that blockchain technology and WORLDCOIN FREE can prevent this sad scenario. Unfortunately, even after 14 years of Bitcoin, only 1% of people have digital cryptocurrencies. That is why we designed the WORLDCOIN FREE so that every person on this planet receives 1000 WORLDCOIN FREE FOR FREE and is entitled to it. We will use so-called WORLDCOIN FREE AMBASSADORS in all countries of the world (194) who coordinate and monitor the fair distribution of the coins. By June 15, 2022, the WORLDCOIN FREE-BLOCKCHAIN ​​with all modules will be completed and free trade will be realized. The WORLDCOIN FREE will be listed on the stock exchange by September 30, 2022, and the price development will be determined freely by supply and demand. We assume that all WORLDCOIN FREE will be distributed by 2030. In this way, after a possible financial crash, everyone can complete the democratization of money with the free, independent, fair and genuine WORLDCOIN FREE. We are aware that our project will generate supporters, supporters, and opponents. We invite supporters to become part of our community and to help make our vision a reality.

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