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04/13/2020  CRISIS AS A CHANCE

Our financial and economic system will collapse in the near future. Our debt system is in the hands of a few international groups. SMEs will lose their wealth to the state and the top 10,000 by 2040. The mass of people will never be able to pay off the debt of the states and will end up in "financial slavery". A monthly basic income is introduced in all ruined industrialized countries. The cash will be abolished and replaced by a digital currency. All free markets are regulated and the freedom and independence as we know it today are a thing of the past. Here the WORLDCOIN FREE offers an interesting solution. It will be a free and independent means of payment from and for people. The WORLDCOIN FREE has the chance to become the means of payment of the future and to democratize money. We invite all visionaries, investors, makers, and developers to accompany us on our journey and share our mission. Simply contact us using the contact form.

We are looking for a WORLDCOIN FREE AMBASSADOR for each country. The ambassadors are paid through attractive airdrop quotas. Your requirement: social media experience Apply now by email to our global coordinator Jochen Fuhrmann or via our contact form

03/18/2020  Why is everything free and why is there no bonus or commission system?
Our mission is simple and simple. Every person gets 1000 Worldcoin for free. Anyone can access these coins free of charge until 2030. We do not want to and will not commercialize our WORLDCOIN FREE project. We only work on the basis of donations from supporters and sponsors. Our mission is to give billions of people access to their free 1000 WORLDCOIN FREE and to introduce it as a stable, free and independent means of payment within the next few years. Please support us!



We warmly welcome Mr. Jochen Fuhrmann as the new worldwide coordinator for our WORLDCOIN FREE. Mr. Fuhrmann has extensive experience in management, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Thanks to his worldwide contacts, he is a great asset to WORLDCOIN FREE. In every country in the world, we are looking for an ambassador for WORLDCOIN FREE. Interested parties please contact directly Jochen under

03/01/2020  5,000 users in a few days!

We are very pleased that in a few days more than 5,000 users have already secured their 1,000 WORLDCOIN FREE. Please share our joint project on social media. WORLDCOIN FREE is the better Libra! It's FREE, FREE and everyone gets 1,000 WORLDCOIN FREE for free. All people are equal.


02/15/2020  Today the languages Spanish and Russian are added!
Our development team is already working on activating our homepage TODAY in Spanish and Russian. Many thanks to all who work with us!


02/13/2020  Start on 02/20/2020

It starts - the countdown has started: The WORLDCOIN FREE PROJECT officially starts on February 20, 2020 and 1 year of preparation is behind us. We can hardly wait now. We are full of joy, motivation, and euphoria. Our goal is to generate over 100,000 reserved email accounts within the first 7 days.

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