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Since the 2009 financial crisis, cryptocurrencies have spread worldwide.
Due to the enormous loss of confidence among the banks, a currency independent of banks and states was sought and found in response to the financial crisis.
The inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto. wanted a quiet revolution in the financial market, because he wanted to create an independent internet currency after the crisis, free of states, central banks, and other financial institutions.
However, many banks have not yet understood what the private, digital cryptocurrencies mean for them and what challenges they pose.
The question is whom I trust.
An open mathematical algorithm or the boss, for example, the European Central Bank and the Eurogroup.
And whoever believes that the countries of the euro, dollar and yen region will pay back their debts, which are all our retirement provisions, instead of going into inflation, also believes in Santa Claus.
Cryptocurrencies are the logical and inevitable successors of the now centuries-old FIAT money systems. Precisely because it is about trust. Can you e.g. gold Send around the world in a few minutes? Can you easily split a gold bar into eight decimal places? With Bitcoin and WORLDCOIN FREE you can!
The transformation to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Monetas, Ethereum or WORLDCOIN FREE is already beginning.

The market capitalization of all digital currencies is currently approximately $ 1300 billion.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, WORLDCOIN FREE, and many other altcoins use peer-to-peer technology to do without central authority; the processing of transactions and the issuance of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network.
Bitcoin is open-source; the design is public, Bitcoin does not belong to anyone and is not controlled by anyone. Everyone can participate.
With many of its unique properties, Bitcoin opens up exciting uses that are not covered by any of the previous payment systems.

Unfortunately, with its current price of over USD 40,000, the Bitcoin is no longer a bargain and has also become a coin for millionaires.
60% of all bitcoins are in the hands of around 1,000 people.
1 million coins are said to be in the hands of Satoshi Nakamoto.
There are 3 accounts with 100,000 coins each.
111 accounts with approx.10,000 coins
1,600 accounts with 1,000 coins
14,000 accounts with approx. 100 bitcoins and
17.2 million accounts with less than 1 bitcoin

Our basic idea is to create a coin for people and not just for a few millionaires. A Volkscoin.
That is why 8 trillion WORLDCOIN FREE 1000 are planned for EVERYONE.
Here you can check whether we have already reserved your 1000 WORLDCOIN FREE for you.

Our money system has been completely out of hand since the 1980s. A lot of new financial products have emerged:
Derivatives, options, futures, certificates and other purely virtual financial vehicles.
They no longer correspond to the real economic purpose, but serve purely to speculate on the financial market.
The world is now in debt of $ 225 trillion. Money is based on adding value through lending.
The higher the debt, the less worth the paper money.
The value retention function is simply no longer available.
Purchasing power will continue to decline.
We live in an experiment that has never existed in the past 3000 years: negative interest rates. It is an open-ended experiment.
A mathematician has analyzed 600 paper money systems from the past 1000 years. None of them survived.
Therefore: Do not trust governments, banks, and states, but the blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies.
For us it is very clear that something has been started that is unstoppable, the time when things relating to BitCoin and WORLDCOIN will take on a life of their own has already been reached and is being increased by the exponential growth of members, enthusiasts, Investors, private individuals, business people, all the cryptocurrency economies and the curious. Something has started that is now unstoppable.

This technology and yes, it is a "NEW" technology, has so many useful properties that it simply cannot disappear into nothing.
It offers unimagined possibilities and if this is not used, it is as if we would stop writing emails or stop using smartphones, we would take a step back in development, which makes absolutely no sense.
We know there are and remain other skeptics on a broad front, which is also a good thing since critical voices also slow down the euphoria and take things soberly, but everyone who has experienced the change in our society through the technology of the past 25 years must ask yourself "isn't that the next inevitable step in a digital society?"

IBM predicted in 1975 that there would be only one market for 1,000 computers by the end of the 1990s, WORLDWIDE! "

Email - it said that no one is needed because we have the postal system.

The Internet itself was not taken seriously until almost the late 1990s.

Google, Napster, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon - who needs online trading when you can shop around the corner, eBay, smartphones, online banking, etc.

We think that we are all among those who can take the opportunity to participate in something new and big.

What everyone does with it is up to you.

But at 70 we won't want to look back and hear us say "we should have".

Everyone has few opportunities for independence in life that can be used, cryptocurrencies like WORLDCOIN FREE are such!
We would like to invite you to become part of our fast-growing community. Just contact us. We look forward to you!

We have already reserved 1000 WORLDCOIN FREE on your email address!

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